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University Human Resources Annual Report

FY 2022-23

In fiscal year 2022-23, University Human Resources continued its efforts to transform the HR function at NC State by creating more best-in-class programs for university employees while enhancing existing offerings. We believe those efforts and other accomplishments over the past few fiscal years are among the reasons why NC State continues to receive national recognition as a top research university.

Here is a short list of some of UHR’s accomplishments in 2022-23:

  • Launched the Wolfpack Performance Program, an electronic performance management system for employees and supervisors. This system replaced the university’s paper-based performance management process.
  • Established the university’s Employee Value Proposition.
  • Established a Project Management Office to bring structure and clarity to project management in UHR. Representatives from across the NC State human resources community contributed to this team.

More of UHR’s fiscal year 2022-23 accomplishments are presented in this annual report. UHR will continue to innovate the HR function at NC State while introducing new programs and improving existing ones to attract world-class talent and retain our current gifted workforce.

NC State at a Glance: FY 2022-23


Average Employee Age


Average Years of Service


Total Years of Service


Applications Received


Employment Actions Processed


New Employee Orientation Participants

Staff Highlights and Accolades

Three UHR employees earned Award for Excellence Nominations – Matthew Carastro, Amy Grubbs, & Nancy Phillips.

Twenty UHR employees completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training, and three completed Black Belt training.

Amy Grubbs, manager of the Onboarding Center, presented “A Case Study in Onboarding” at the CUPA-HR 2023 spring conference in Boston.

Kevin Rice, director of Learning and Organizational Development, presented “Realign With the Team Tune Up” at the CUPA-HR conference.

In June 2023, the Onboarding Center celebrated its 10-year anniversary. During that time, the center has met with over 18,000 employees and hosted more than 800 orientation sessions.

David Perryman, director of Talent Acquisition and Employment, was elected as the chair for the Southern Region Board of Directors in January 2023.

Events and Campus Activities

UHR Goes Social

In October 2022, University Communications and Marketing and UHR launched the WolfpackAtWork Twitter account. UHR and UComm use the account to engage staff and faculty, share news about the university, build community, show off Pack pride and promote NC State as a great place to work.

The copper wolves at Wolf Plaza stand in front of spring blooms and newly planted greenery on a warm spring afternoon. Photo by Becky Kirkland.

FY 2022-23 UHR Accomplishments

Categorized by NC State’s 2021-30 Strategic Plan Goals

  • UHR has designed and implemented dashboards to provide university leadership with key metrics to support recruitment and retention business decisions. The dashboards will be incrementally expanded to include additional metrics during phase 2 enhancements. (Also supports strategic goal 5.)
  • University Temporary Services continues to expand the employee talent pipeline and provides prospective employees with opportunities to start and develop careers. More than 500 UTS-recruited temporary employees are consistently now working at NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. (Also supports strategic goal 6.)
    • In FY 2022-23, 149 temporary employees were hired into permanent positions at NC State.
  • To enhance staff recruitment, the Onboarding Center has implemented a revised Employee Entrance Experience Survey. The center began sending the survey to new hires at the end of February 2022. The center will assess the initial survey data and share that information with colleges and units by November 2023 to identify opportunities to improve the recruitment process. (Also supports strategic goal 5.)
  • UHR has enhanced the Employee Exit Survey to incorporate more opportunities to obtain feedback on workplace flexibility and culture, and the reasons why employees leave their roles at the university. (Also supports strategic goal 5.)
    • Certain questions have been intentionally aligned with the new Employee Entrance Experience Survey to identify trends.
    • The enhanced Employee Exit Survey underwent user testing and a data collection review and launched July 1, 2023.
  • In 2022, UHR collaborated with the Council on the Status of Women and campus stakeholders to undertake a comprehensive review of the Paid Parental Leave Program. This group completed the first phase of its review process in August 2022. As a result of the group’s work, UHR began to have consultation meetings with employees who request paid parental leave or have questions about the program. Phase 2 of the program review launched in fall of 2022 with the formation of a process improvement team. The team developed a survey for employees who have requested paid parental leave. The results of that survey will help UHR identify key program improvements. As a result of this review, paid parental leave is now available to postdocs.
  • UHR has created a Project Management Office to facilitate and provide support in the design and delivery of HR projects, offer agile project management, provide monthly progress updates to UHR senior leadership and maintain the HR Project Management and Process Improvement website.
  • In March 2023, UHR launched the Wolfpack Performance Program to improve the efficiency of NC State’s performance management process. UHR conducted months of system testing with a pilot group composed of colleges and divisions before announcing the new online performance management program to the university.
  • All EHRA nonfaculty and SHRA employees and their supervisors will use the new system.
    • UHR hosted training sessions and created user guides and videos to help employees and supervisors learn how to use the new system.
  • In November 2022, UHR conducted reviews of 10 SHRA position classifications to begin phase 1 of the EHRA conversion process for auditing, business and finance professionals. In March 2023 over 30 employees elected to convert to EHRA. The Classification and Compensation team oversaw the process, met with stakeholders, provided employees with informational materials and held information sessions to assist employees in making an informed decision.
  • In June 2023, UHR and the Office of Information Technology launched a new online flexible work arrangements request form. The form, which is available through MyPack Portal, replaces the forms UHR, colleges and divisions used for flexible work requests. The new form allows NC State to have a standard, consistent way for employees and supervisors to request and view their flexible work arrangements. The form will also allow the university to collect data related to the use of the flexible work program.
  • Human Resources Information Management and Analytics worked with campus stakeholders to implement a consolidated no-pay appointments process and improve data security and compliance. As a result of this new process, unpaid job codes were reduced from approximately 130 to 11, and the number of active unpaid appointments has dropped from 4,582 to 3,654.
  • In an effort to combat the HR challenges NC State faces, UHR has developed OneHR, an operating model that calls for our HR community to partner innovatively to solve our most critical issues. (Also supports strategic goal 5.)
    • UHR has implemented the OneHR model with Campus Enterprises by developing and training Campus Enterprises HR staff in SHRA hiring proposal approvals.
  • A workgroup composed of UHR staff and campus partners developed a comprehensive onboarding program for new HR leads. The program includes an extensive guide and resources to help new leads better acclimate to their vital role at NC State.
  • In an effort to provide greater flexibility to NC State as an employer and to attract, retain and reward our talented workforce, UHR developed guidelines and resources for sign-on and retention bonuses for EHRA, SHRA and NC State Extension employees.
  • In February 2023, the UHR website began Phase 2 of a redesign. The purpose of the redesign is to align UHR’s website with current university technology and branding standards, promote the university as a premier destination for prospective employees, better market UHR services to the university and fully integrate the HRNow platform. (Also supports strategic goal 5.)
  • In a collaborative effort with campus HR partners, UHR developed an employee value proposition website. The EVP will serve HR professionals, hiring managers and employees across the university as a valuable tool for recruiting and retaining highly qualified staff and faculty. A link to the EVP has been added to the NC State jobs website.