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Employee Recognition

We Are Thankful for Pack Pride

Pack pride is strong within our employee community at NC State. We know because employees showed us how proud they are to be members of the Pack during Red and White Fest: An Employee Celebration on Nov. 2. Colleagues in offices and departments came to the fest together. They took pictures in groups and individually with Ms. Wuf and Mr. Wuf, many of them throwing up the wolf sign as they did. Employees also wore red or NC State gear to the fest, and some of them had on matching NC State T-shirts. Most of all, they showed us their pride by using a dry-erase board to write down what they’re proud of at NC State. Flip through the photo galleries below to see the many fun, proud moments we captured on camera at the fest. We hope you feel as proud as we did to see our employee community come together during Red and White Week, our biggest celebration — and strongest display of pride — of the year.

Photo Gallery: I am Proud of …

Photo Gallery: Fun at the Fest