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Howl About You

Employee Spotlight Series

NC State employs more than 8,000 employees who work across a multitude of colleges, divisions, departments, offices and units that spread across the state. Even though some of us have developed close professional relationships and friendships with colleagues, for many of us getting to know anyone other than our daily co-workers is difficult. That’s why we’ve created Howl About You, a page where we shine a spotlight on our employees by letting them share five facts about themselves. As you read the entries on Howl About You, we hope you discover someone who shares the same professional or personal interests as you and make a connection with them. 

Learn how to participate in Howl About You!

Jamila Simpson

Assistant Dean for Inclusive Excellence
College of Sciences

I grew up in Statesville, North Carolina, in the western part of the state.

I met my spouse when we were both undergraduate students at NC State.

I am the first Black woman to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from NC State.

I grew up reading comic books and still collect them. My favorite series is X-Men, and my favorite superhero is Storm. She controls the weather, and she’s an amazing leader.

My family and I are working on visiting every state in the country. We keep a family map and put pins in places we visit. So far, we’ve traveled up to Maine, and the furthest south we have gone is Key West, Florida.

How To Participate

We’d love for you to submit five facts about yourself so we can share them on our website and/or in Howl You Know, the HR newsletter. Just fill out this form, and our communications team will review your submission for publication. If you have questions or know of an employee who would be great for us to spotlight, send an email to and write Howl About You in the subject line.