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WPP Training Available for Supervisors of SHRA Employees

The 2023-24 SHRA performance cycle will end March 31, so now is the time to start planning for annual SHRA performance appraisals. For most of NC State, this includes conducting an appraisal and closing out a performance cycle in the Wolfpack Performance Program for the first time.

At this juncture of the performance cycle, supervisors of SHRA employees should have:

  • Created a performance document for each of your SHRA employees in WPP.
  • Completed the Define Criteria step for each of your SHRA employees. This step includes setting individual goals, providing weights for individual and institutional goals and identifying professional development opportunities where applicable.
  • Completed at least two of the three checkpoint reviews or logged into WPP to indicate you are skipping the reviews, which are not mandatory. If you skip the reviews, you can move to the next WPP step.

WPP Written and Video Guides

To help supervisors get ready to close out the 2023-24 performance cycle, UHR has prepared written and video guides to assist you in finalizing performance plans. These guides provide step-by-step guidance on how to use the new system. The videos are short visual overviews of the system’s features and functions, and the written guides provide more detailed information. As supervisors prepare to close out the performance cycle, they should go to the WPP website containing the written and video guides and follow steps 5-9 under “Manager SHRA User Guides.” Supervisors should watch the video or read the written guide that corresponds with each of those steps. The videos included with steps 5-9 will take you through how to complete off-cycle reviews to how to enter final overall ratings. You can skip the off-cycle review step if you have already completed an off-cycle review.

Register for WPP Training Session

UHR will also offer virtual WPP training sessions in March and April to help supervisors of SHRA employees prepare to close out the performance cycle. It is extremely important for supervisors to be familiar with this system’s nuances and functionality. In addition, it is crucial for supervisors to have a thorough understanding of how to complete a performance appraisal in WPP. While the WPP system is fairly easy to navigate, it may not be as intuitive for supervisors if they do not complete a training session.

Please note this training will focus on the role of supervisors in WPP. The training will concentrate on closing out the cycle and will include reviews of the finalize criteria step, the nominate a participant feature, self-evaluations and the completion of the manager evaluation, including entering final overall ratings. To register for a virtual session, click the corresponding register link in the course listings below. You only need to attend one of the sessions.

WPP Training Schedule

Session DatesSession TimeMode of DeliveryRegistration
Tuesday, March 199-11 a.m.Instructor-led ZoomRegister
Wednesday, March 271:30-3:30 p.mInstructor-led ZoomRegister
Thursday, April 49-11 a.m.Instructor-led ZoomRegister
Monday, April 81:30-3:30 p.mInstructor-led ZoomRegister

Do You Have Questions About WPP?

For questions about WPP or support, please check with your college or division performance coordinator, refer to the WPP website or send an email to