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Employee Engagement

What Is Your Favorite Spring Activity?

A butterfly works its way around to different flower buds during springtime on Centennial campus.

We’ve finally transitioned from cold to warm weather, pollen is falling from trees, and baseball season is well underway. All of those things tell us that spring is in full effect, and for many of us, that means it’s time to partake in our favorite springtime activities. Maybe the warmer weather inspires you to work in your garden or take a camping trip. Or perhaps play a round of golf, visit a local farmers market or go on a long bike ride. We asked some of our campus colleagues to share their favorite springtime activities with us. Here a some of their responses.

Yard Work

Yard work

I love working outside. It can sometimes be a spiritual moment for me. I desire to make my mother proud of my gardening results. Her spirit is with me as I work.

Carina Lockley, Learning and Organizational Development

Trail Running

Trail running

It’s great to get out while the foliage is in bloom. We have amazing parks in this area that make for a nice afternoon escape.

Will Leggett, Onboarding Center

Watching Baseball

Watching baseball

I enjoy watching all levels of baseball, professional, college, and little league. Baseball is a classic past-time with simple rules. It brings out memories and anticipation of spring and new beginnings. I enjoy the chatter & excitement in the bleachers.

Allison Hubbard, College of Sciences

Planting Shrubs, Plants and Flowers

Planting shrubs, plants and flowers

This is my favorite time of the year, because to me spring is rebirth!

Jill Phipps, Business Services

Yard Sales and Porch Sitting

Porch sitting

Yard sales allow you to find such fun stuff! Porch sitting is simply relaxing. Being on the porch reminds me of days when I did that with my mom and dad, both now passed on.

Tammy Cooper, College of Veterinary Medicine