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Howl About You

Shelly Hoover-Plonk

Assistant Director, High-Impact Education Experiences
Academic Affairs, College of Engineering

Shelley Hoover-Plonk
  • I met my husband, an NC State alumnus, while working at NC State.  We met in 2001 when he was touring the then-new Nelson Hall as an alumni member and I was working with the Park Scholarships office.
  • I’ve worked at NC State for 12 years but at different times and in different offices. I didn’t graduate from NC State, but it has been a second home for me during my higher education career.
  • I pass the Howling Cow creamery off Lake Wheeler Road in Raleigh every day.  It was fun seeing it built and seeing all of the visitors it receives, especially in the summer. My favorite Howling Cow flavor is Wolf Tracks.
  • I’m not an engineer, but I have enjoyed learning about the engineering design cycle by working in the College of Engineering. Google it!
  • I am part Choctaw Indian. My great-great-grandmother was half Choctaw Indian. In 2019, my daughter and I visited the beautiful Choctaw Nation in Durant, Oklahoma. We received our Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma member verification cards in the fall of 2023.

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