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2022 Legislative Salary Increase Update

The 2022 North Carolina State Budget provides for a mandatory legislative base salary increase of 3.5% for both SHRA and EHRA employees.

3.5% Legislative Salary Increase (LSI) Overview

  • All EHRA faculty, EHRA non-faculty staff, and SHRA staff shall receive a 3.5% legislative salary increase (LSI), subject to the eligibility requirements below.
  • The 3.5% LSI is retroactively effective July 1, 2022.
  • The 3.5% LSI will be calculated on each employee’s June 30, 2022, base salary. For example, an employee earning a base salary of $50,000 on June 30, 2022, will have a new base salary of $51,750 ($50,000 x 1.035 = $51,750).
  • For employees with a primary EHRA non-faculty appointment who receive an ongoing administrative supplement directly related to that role, “base” salary includes the administrative supplement (e.g., academic department heads and associate deans). Employees with a primary faculty appointment who have a secondary administrative appointment (e.g., directors of graduate programs) are not eligible to have their supplement included in the 3.5% calculation.
  • For biweekly paid employees, the 3.5% mandatory salary increase along with any retro pay will be issued no later than your Aug. 26, 2022, paycheck. For monthly paid employees, the increase will be in your Aug. 31, 2022 paycheck.

LSI Eligibility Requirements

  • To be eligible for the retroactive LSI payment, the employee must have been employed in a permanent benefits-eligible position of .50 FTE or greater on June 30, 2022.
  • “Permanent” employees are those eligible to participate in State benefits programs (e.g., the state employee health plan) and who hold a recurring appointment of .50 FTE or greater.
  • Eligible employees separating after June 30 but prior to the payroll implementation are due a pro-rated retroactive legislative increase.
  • NC State will be responsible for the retroactive payment for SHRA employees who transferred to NC State from a permanent position at another state entity eligible for the LSI.
  • Employees currently on disability or who are on a leave of absence (paid or unpaid) may be eligible for the LSI upon their return if they satisfy all other eligibility requirements.
  • The LSI will be awarded regardless of current performance ratings.
  • The mandatory legislative increase must be implemented even if it results in a new base salary that exceeds an established salary range.
  • Faculty members who entered the Phased Retirement Program on July 1, 2022, are not eligible to receive the LSI. Faculty in their second or third year of the program are eligible for the LSI if they meet other eligibility criteria.
  • Postdocs, house officers, grad students and temporary employees are not eligible for the LSI.