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Schedule a Consultation With a Financial Advisor

NC State employees can schedule a one-on-one virtual consultation with a financial advisor at CAPTRUST, an independent advisory firm that provides financial and retirement advice to employees who work for institutions in the University of North Carolina System. Topics covered during the 45-minute advisory sessions will include:

  • Retirement and general financial planning. 
  • Investment education and advice.

You also will have an opportunity to learn about Retirement Blueprint, CAPTRUST’s interactive retirement readiness tool. For more information about the tool, view this short, informative video.

These one-on-one sessions are offered to you solely as a benefit, so you can be assured that CAPTRUST’s role is to help you make sound investment decisions, not sell you anything. Go to this online scheduler to make an appointment.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

  1. Go to the link above, click “UNC System Dedicated Virtual Sessions” and then click “Continue.”
  2. Click “UNC System – Phone Consultations 2023” and then click “Continue.”
  3. Click through the calendar, choose the 45-minute session you wish to attend and then click “Continue.”
  4. Enter the requested information on the form and click “Schedule It.” You will receive a confirmation email.
  5. You will receive a reminder email 24 hours in advance of the meeting.
  6. If you need to cancel or change your meeting time, click the link in the confirmation/reminder email and then enter your last name and confirmation number.
  7. CAPTRUST will contact you at the time of your appointment. CAPTRUST does have screen sharing capabilities.
  8. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call CAPTRUST at 800-967-9948.

To best be prepared for your one-on-one session, please make sure you have the information you want to include in your Retirement Blueprint calculations, such as your retirement account balances and current contributions to your retirement accounts. You will also need your login information for your retirement website. If you cannot attend one of these sessions but still want to create a Retirement Blueprint or need further advice, the CAPTRUST Advice Desk is also available. You can make an appointment with the Advice Desk by visiting the CAPTRUST website.