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Benefits and Wellness

Become a Wellness Champion

Are you passionate about health and well-being? Do you have the desire to inspire other members of the Pack to lead healthier lives?

If the answer is yes, join the Wellness Champions, a growing network of 100-plus employees who are creating a culture of wellness across NC State.

As a wellness champion, you will:

  • Learn about wellness resources and share them with your colleagues.
  • Promote university-wide wellness initiatives.
  • Encourage your colleagues to participate in wellness activities and events.
  • Advocate for and facilitate innovative culture change that supports employee wellness.
  • Earn points and recognition for prioritizing your health and well-being.

Wolfpack Wellness invites you to be part of the wellness advocates working to create a workplace that supports your overall well-being. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. June 30.

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