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Benefits and Wellness

Slate of Events Planned for NC State Wellness Days

Wellness Days

University Human Resources and a diverse group of campus partners have teamed to create a slate of wellness-related events that will take place on NC State’s spring 2021 wellness days.

This semester, instead of a spring break week, the university will have events on its four designated wellness: Feb. 9, March 5 and 24 and April 15. These days are meant to provide a respite for the university community.

“While employees do not get these days off work, we have created a robust list of resources and events for our campus community to enable them to have dedicated time to focus on self-care and their well-being,” said Britt Hurst, NC State’s wellness and recognition program manager.

On the four wellness days, event organizers will host events that are focused on improving the physical, mental, social and emotional well-being of students, staff and faculty. You can find the events planned for Feb. 9 on the Wolfpack Wellness website. Organizers have scheduled a mix of in-person and virtual events for that day, including a yoga class, a COVID-19 nutrition class and a session titled “Faculty Chat Cafe: Teaching in Uncertain Times.”

The Wolfpack Wellness website will be updated with events scheduled for the other three wellness days as those plans are finalized. The site is filled with a host of wellness resources for students, faculty and staff.

The wellness events are intended to enhance staff and faculty members’ connections to NC State and provide them with resources to have a successful spring semester, said Shannon DuPree, director of wellness at NC State.

“These days are a reminder to take care of you — first,” she said.

Hurst said the purpose of hosting events on the four wellness days is to allow staff and faculty to step away from the demands of work.

“We know that working throughout this pandemic and the transition to teleworking and virtual learning has been stressful,” she said. “We think this will be a great opportunity for employees to take some time to focus on their well-being and gain awareness of the resources available to them. We are encouraging all employees to participate, and we are asking supervisors to also encourage their staff and faculty to participate as work schedules and job duties allow.”