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Employee Recognition

Send a Note of Gratitude to a Colleague

Send a Note of Gratitude to a Colleague

Each year as the holiday season approaches, we’ve asked you to let us know what you’re thankful for. Your answers have been thoughtful and inspiring. We can’t thank you enough for your participation.

This year, we have a different request. Our university community has faced many obstacles as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us have faced personal challenges while still working to fulfill the mission of this university. For those reasons, we think each member of the Wolfpack deserves a special note of appreciation.

To get an email or card that says, ‘You’ve done a great job,’ makes people feel really appreciated

We ask that you use our PAWS and Say Thanks program to send a short note of gratitude to a colleague. You can thank a co-worker for all their extraordinary work since the start of the pandemic. Let someone know you consider them an indispensable member of the Pack. Or tell someone just how much you’ve appreciated their dedicated service over the years.

PAWS and Say Thanks is a peer-to-peer recognition program that allows staff and faculty to send messages to colleagues for going above and beyond. Since its launch in March, employees have sent almost 600 messages. These notes lift our employees’ spirits and reaffirm for them they are valued members of NC State.

“To get an email or card that says, ‘You’ve done a great job,’ makes people feel really appreciated,’” said Ellen Coster, a consultant in HR Continuous Improvement. “To get a note during this time of the year will mean even more to people.”

To send a message of gratitude to a colleague, go to the PAWS and Say Thanks website and fill out the electronic form. At the end of your message, type #gratitude to let us know you’re sending your note as part of this special holiday-season effort. Please send your message before the university’s Thanksgiving break begins Thursday, Nov. 25.


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