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How To Get Help During Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment Help

Annual enrollment begins next month for NC State employees, and the University Human Resources Benefits Office wants to make the process as seamless as possible.

Faculty and staff can make benefits selections and changes for 2020 from Nov. 2 to Nov. 19, 2019. Employees are not permitted to make changes to their benefits after this period, except for qualifying life event changes such as the birth of a child or marriage.

Here are some things to keep in mind as the annual enrollment period approaches:

Help Will Be Available

If you need help enrolling in benefits or have questions, do one of the following:

  • Call the benefits enrollment center’s customer service line at 855-859-0966.
  • Attend an annual enrollment information session on campus. Contact your department’s human resources representative for more information about the sessions.
  • Stop by Administrative Services II on Sullivan Drive if you need access to a computer to enroll in benefits online. A Spanish-speaking employee will be available to help employees in Administrative Services III on Nov. 12. Rooms will be available according to the following schedule:
November 4Administrative Services II - Room 1108am-5pm
November 5Administrative Services II - Room 1011pm-5pm
November 6Administrative Services II - Room 10111:30am-5pm
November 7Administrative Services II - Room 10111:30am-5pm
November 8Administrative Services II - Room 1011pm-5pm
November 12 (en Español)Administrative Services II - Room 1108am-5pm
November 13Administrative Services II - Room 1108am-12pm
November 14Administrative Services II - Room 1108am-12pm
November 15Administrative Services II - Room 1108am-12pm
November 18Administrative Services II - Room 1108am-12pm
November 19Administrative Services II - Room 1108am-12pm

Take Action

State Health Plan members will be enrolled into the 70/30 plan by default for 2020. If you prefer to be in the 80/20 plan, you must select it on the enrollment website or app. You also can call the enrollment center’s customer service line, and a representative will help you enroll.

Employees can receive a $60 wellness credit by doing one of the following:

  • Attest you are not a tobacco user.
  • If you are a tobacco user, agree to visit a CVS Minute Clinic for at least one tobacco cessation counseling session by Dec. 31, 2019.

Review Annual Enrollment Changes

Visit the 2020 annual enrollment website for a comprehensive list of annual enrollment updates, changes and reminders.

Here is a short list of changes:

Metlife Coverage

MetLife Life Insurance will have a relaxed underwriting opportunity for NC State employees and eligible dependents to elect or increase coverage for 2020.

Policyholders will be allowed to increase coverage by $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000 without answering any medical questions as long as their coverage amount does not exceed $1 million.

Nonpolicy holders will be able to request coverage by answering five medical questions.

MetLife plans to send information about the changes to your home via mail by early November.

70/30 Plan

Several changes have been made to the 70/30 plan including:

  • Copays for preventive services have been eliminated. The services will be covered at 100%.
  • The copay for primary care provider visits has been reduced to $30 when you visit the primary care provider listed on your ID card.

Dental Plan

If you are currently enrolled in the High Option dental plan and want to continue this coverage, you must enroll in the High Option plan for 2020. If you don’t take action, you’ll be placed in the new Classic Option plan.