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Health Plan Update

The State Health Plan has provided an update concerning its Clear Pricing Project.

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the State Health Plan will consist of two networks: the Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Options Network, which currently is used by the plan, and the new North Carolina State Health Plan Network.

The two networks will include more than 68,000 health care providers.

“For members, this means they will continue to have access to the provider network they utilize today along with some new providers that were not previously part of the Blue Options Network,” according to an announcement from the State Health Plan.

For more information, read the letter from the University of North Carolina System Office.

[callout bodyfontface=”universlight” heading=”Open Enrollment Dates Announced” headingtype=”h2″ headingfontface=”universlight” headingicon=”noicon” textalign=”textcenter” type=”basic” margin=”normal”]Open Enrollment for the 2020 benefit year will be held November 2-19, 2019[/callout]